Liquidation refers to liquidating all the assets of the company, thus bringing the business to an end either voluntarily or involuntarily. Another means to close down the business is deregistration of companies. In Nepal, liquidation procedure is to be approved by the court or the Office of Company Registrar, depending on whether the liquidation is involuntary or voluntary.

Company Act, 2063 (2006) and Insolvency Act, 2063 (2006) are the governing legislations for liquidation of a company in Nepal.

For closing your business, we provide you with an experienced licensed liquidator to carry out the liquidation proceedings. Additionally, we guide and assist you through all the stages of liquidation or deregistration of the business or re-structuring if required. We offer to prepare and register necessary corporate documents for liquidation, deregistration or restructuring for that matter; and assist in settlement of all outstanding legal compliances. We assure you to assist in all the regulatory compliance during the whole liquidation, deregistration or restructuring process.