A major asset of any business is a healthy workforce. As relationship between employer and employee evolve around the world with so much versatility, disputes evolve in the same rapid pace. To maintain the employer-employee relationship healthy and at peace, several labor related laws have been formulated with employers being granted with right to draft their own set of human resource policies in compliance with existing laws.

Labor Act, 2017, Contribution Based Social Security Act, 2017, Right to Employment Act, 2018, Trade Union Act, 1992, and rules and regulations based on these among others are prevailing laws in regard to labor rights and their management.

We at Lex Advisers have been dedicatedly involved in advising our clients for employment/ labor law compliances, drafting human resource policies and other employment related documents, and solving various kinds of employment related issues.

Our services:

  • Assisting clients in understanding employment related legal provisions while taking decisions in employment issues and labor law related compliances thereafter,
  • Drafting employment agreements, human resource policies, manuals and handbooks,
  • Assisting clients in conducting labor audits and preparing labor audit reports,
  • Conducting due diligence in labor related matters,
  • Guiding and assisting our clients in handling various labor related issues such as grievance, disciplinary action, individual and collective bargaining, negotiation with trade unions, layoff, retrenchment, termination of employees,
  • Drafting bargaining agreements,
  • Assisting clients in obtaining labor permits, license for outsourcing,
  • Settlement of labor disputes by representing clients (employer or employee) at labor office, labor department, labor court, or other courts of law as required.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team with extensive knowledge and experiences in these matters are always ready to work on your needs.

Social Security Fund

Contribution based social security system is relatively new concept in Nepal which was introduced through Contribution Based Social Security Act, 2017. Government has made registration and regular contribution at the Social Security Fund mandatory to all employers and employees. Non compliance shall be sanctioned with consequence provided in law. Regarding social security fund, our scope of service ranges from registration services to assisting our clients in the compliance procedures that follow post registration including aligning the labor policies or human resource policies as necessary.