As businesses are becoming increasingly technology oriented, the use of computer and internet service in business undertakings has seen unprecedented rise. With this, numerous businesses have become victimized of various digital and internet-enabled crimes including data theft which is claimed to be the most expensive and fastest rising consequence of cybercrime. As a matter of fact, such crimes have come under increasing scrutiny in Nepal as well.

Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 is the primary legislation addressing the cyber related crimes and the punishment therefore in Nepal. However, recently introduced Privacy Act, 2075 also complements in protecting people’s privacy including various information and data.

Here at Lex Advisers, we provide you with a full spectrum of legal services in relation to cyber security and data protection matters conforming compliance with national and international cyber and privacy laws and regulations. In this arena, we extend our services beyond litigation and dispute management services to data breaches and incident prevention, privacy assessment, transaction and crisis management, issuing take down notices, advisory work, assistance in regulatory and internal investigations, among others.