Contracts are essential for any transaction; otherwise their security or surety cannot be maintained. Transactions and their fulfillment are guided by the contracts. A poorly drafted contract is worse than no contract at all. Our services:

Commercial contracts:

  • Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts such as: supply contracts, service contracts, agency and distribution contracts, equipment leasing and purchase contracts, licensing/ technical assistance contracts etc.

Technological contracts:

These are the contracts concluded for Information Technology transactions are any other work related to it. Basically, such contracts are related to ownership, protection and proper use of technology. In respect of Technological Contracts, we provide following services:

  • Drafting and reviewing technological contracts such as software development agreement, software licensing agreement, cloud computing agreement, intellectual property ownership agreement, website agreement, agreement for the use and implementation of new technology, patent agreement, franchise agreement and other technology agreements.

General Contracts/ Agreements:

General contracts or agreements such as partnership agreement as such also need attention to the details.

We have extensive expertise and experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating such commercial and technological contracts. We also negotiate on behalf of our clients for the terms of the contract and ensure legal right of our clients. While drafting and reviewing the contracts, we are committed to ensure that the expectation or necessity of our clients are accurately reflected in the clauses of the contract. We provide our assistance from the preliminary stages of the negotiation regarding the agreement and through all required stages leading up to the final states of the agreement and also in the legal enforcement of the contract.